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What We Do

We provide consulting services for churches, ministries, organizations and non-profits to grow and thrive. If you need help with a project, getting past a hurdle, or want to go to the next level, we’re here to help. If you find yourself unable to do something on your own, that’s where Ministry Suite comes in. We offer up our resources, expertise and training so that you can get what you need, when you need it. If it’s for ministry, Ministry Suite can help.


Our Approach

We fill in the gaps.

You’re probably doing some things really well, and likely need some help with other stuff. Some groups are just missing a single piece of the puzzle, while others need a complete overhaul. Whatever your situation, we work with what you are now to help you become what you want to be.


Our Philosophy

We want every ministry-minded organization to be their absolute best. When the individual parts are working at their full capacity, the Kingdom grows exponentially.


About Ministry Suite

We’ve spent our lifetimes in ministry. Our team has previously served as senior and executive pastors, community organizers, media personalities, authors, small-business owners, church musicians, sales and marketers, security professionals and more. We’ve pulled our experience, knowledge and love of the Kingdom together so that you can get to the next level.

Ministry Suite is designed to be just that…a suite of products, services and consultations that will help your ministry thrive.

If it’s for ministry, Ministry Suite can help.


We help structure churches, schools and businesses so they can be successful. We help in areas such as: communication, visitor follow-up, first-impressions, department structuring, administrative guidance and much more.


We can help you design a logo, build a website, create a successful social media campaign, attract your community’s attention, engage with those around you, and show the world who you are.

Custom Solutions

Your ministry isn’t just another organization, and your solutions shouldn’t treat you like one. We specialize in custom, tailor-made answers to the issues your ministry faces.

Success Stories

“Ministry Suite was a tremendous asset to Calvary Church. They had insightful perspectives, good personalities and a gift for communication. They not only helped with our services, but added value and mentorship to those around them. I highly recommend Ministry Suite as a capable and confident organization!”

Tom Andrews

Senior Pastor, Calvary Church

“We were in need of a fresh perspective and wanted to update how the community interacted with our Christian school online. Ministry Suite worked with our culture, not against it, and gave us a refreshing lift to our appearance. They are patient and did a fantastic job. We’re a better school because we worked with them.”

Caleb Tisdale

Principal, Parkersburg Christian School